by Rex How

The story begins with a 30 year old man named How.

During an interview with a magazine publisher, How discussed his high school female teacher who had a profound influence on him and taught him 2 important lessons.

To begin with, you have to put forward a proposal and vote for it when no one agrees with you.

Additionally, when you are determined, you can defeat major challenges even if you are inadequate.

A few years later, How decided to pay a visit to South Korea to meet his teacher whom he had not been in contact with for 15 years. They met again after being far apart. Miss Chi was a silver haired woman with a hunched back and degenerative hearing ability. They were in the North Country, sitting in a warm and peaceful study room on a winter day.

After their initial reconnection, How learnt that he did not know her teacher on a deeper level. This started a journey in hopes to know his teacher better. He then pondered, “Reuniting with Miss Chi gradually gave me an opportunity to reflect into her past. I will also attempt to reflect on my old forgotten memories. While I was clearing up her story, I also crystallized the student’s story at the same time.”

How was born in Korea, he suffered from Polio when he was one. His father was a businessman and his mother managed the home. Although living as a commoner like everyone else, there is something different about it. His fellow peers, friends and  teachers influenced him in different ways, some were climatic turning points; studying abroad in Taiwan was one of these examples.

A quarter-century has passed, and Miss Chi’s words and wisdom continue to influence him.

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