2020 News

2020 The Survived Geogia Straight TAIWANfest goes virtual in Vancouver this Labour Day weekend Read More Geogia Straight Taiwan Model shows how democracy can triumph over martial law Read More Geogia Straight Charlie Wu: I’m a Taiwanese Canadian, not a Chinese Canadian Read More Geogia Straight Sep 3-10 Print Read More Geogia Straight The Georgia … Read more


2018 TAIWANfest History

History 2018 FÊTE WITH THE PHILIPPINES What does it mean to be culturally diverse? What does it mean to be part of any one community? What defines who you are or what your community is? Does the community define Chinatown or does Chinatown define Chinese? Out of convenience in the globally interconnected conditions of today, … Read more


2020 TAIWANfest History Vancouver

History 2020 The Survived Civilizations progressed because people learned from the misdeeds of the past. What went wrong? Is our world a better or safer place today than pre-COVID-19? What went wrong? What does it mean to have survived the pandemic? Do we have the answers or are we still looking for answers? When the … Read more